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phil-selsley-starlight.jpg (98065 bytes)   11/10/09

    Phil's Starlight on a perfect October afternoon, 3 MPH of  warm breeze and plenty of lift

guy-selsley-centiphase2.jpg (58999 bytes) 11/10/09 

  Guy's Chris Foss Centiphase

banarama.jpg (131271 bytes)  21/09/2009 Pete Wolf's Bananarama now 30  years old, flying on Sunday morning in a light    breeze  
andy-homebrew.jpg (49336 bytes)23/06/2009 Andy George's Home brew thermal model, glass on blue foam

phil-selsley-aerial5.jpg (99248 bytes)phil-selsley-aerial4.jpg (99855 bytes)  22/06/09 Phil Wright's aerial photos

alulas-selsley.jpg (122598 bytes) 14/06/2009 Bryan & Mike launch their Aulas on a perfect Sunday morning
focester-phil.jpg (145779 bytes)  01/03/2009 Phil Wright's 12 foot thermal soarer, looking towards the river Severn
  2nd photo Deverow Hill and Whiteshill
 3rd photo  4th photo 5th photo
Click for bigger photo  28/02/2009 Andy'2 Ash 26 in the snow

Click for bigger photo 26/02/09 Doug's bringing his Blanik in for a nice controlled landing

Click for bigger photoDoug's K8 on a nice suymers day. Looks great...

Click for bigger photoA view out towards the Forest of Dean from Selsley.

The "tump" (prehistoric burial mound) is on the left of frame and the "Millenium Stone" is on the right.

Click for bigger photoAndy's 1/4 scale Pegase coming in for a great landing

Click for bigger photo1:1 scale Skylark flying over the common. A fantastic sound and sight on a summers day.

Click for bigger photoPhil's Pegase landing in a hayfield (or that's what it looks like) The grass is about 18" high on Selsley at the moment (June) because the cows aren't out yet

Click for bigger photoPhil's Pegase on a flypast

I've also saved this photo at 1280 x 1024 resolution for use as a desktop wallpaper.

Click for bigger photoPhil's Pegase again

Click for bigger photoPhil's Pegase being launched, but Phil's being a bit shy and hiding behind the gaggle of fliers

Click for bigger photoA Zeitgeist (I think) being launched from Selsley.

I had one of these back in the 1970's - it's a beautiful flier.

Click for bigger photoAndy's ASH26 sailing past on a fly-by

07-09-ade-d2.jpg (31744 bytes) 09/09/07

Ade's Discus2 flying at Selsley on Monday evening 

07-08-guy-high.jpg (69973 bytes) 04/09/07

Guy's Highlight on very nice afternoon, blue sky and cattle grazing and no paragliders, what more could you ask for? 

07-08-phil-pegase.jpg (49704 bytes) 29/08/07

Phil's Pegase flying in the evening sun, notice the the shadow of the wing on fuselage

07-08-andy.jpg (62282 bytes) 26/08/07

Andy Westgate's ASW17 at Selsley on a perfect Sunday morning

07-08-richard.jpg (58399 bytes) 08/08/07

Richard's launching his Bard on  a  summer's day

07-07-bryan-ask.jpg (58759 bytes) 19/07/07

Bryan's ASK18 on Wednesday evening

07-04-spitfire.jpg (83060 bytes) 18/04/2007

Barry's GWS Spitfire, photo by John Caddick 

07-03-nick-flamingo.jpg (42119 bytes) 28/03/2007

Nick's Multiplex Flamingo on hazy afternoon


07-03-hlg-phil.jpg (66062 bytes)  17/03/07 

As Good as it gets, Phil's HLG on the second day of spring enjoying a light breeze 


07-03-peter=discus.jpg (67415 bytes) 07/03/2007

Peter's Discus doing a close pass for the camera on the western facing slope

Click for bigger image  03/12/06  

Autumn trees on the NW slope of Selsley.

Oh - and Phil flying his Pagase...

Click for bigger image New 03/12/06  

A Highlight cruising by at sunset. You can see May Hill in the distance.

Click for bigger image New 03/12/06 Not a cloud in the sky...

Click for bigger image Phil's practicing for the limbo comp with his Calypso?

Click for bigger image Phil's electrically assisted HLG thermalling at dusk


Click for bigger image Andy's Gemini on a nice flyby.


Click for bigger image Phil the foto's Pegase. A lovely well mannered model. ....Hmmm, there's a beginning of a joke about the owner, but I won't go there :-)


Click for bigger image Beautiful sky photo over Selsley.

Also available as a 1024 x 768 wallpaper image (opens in new window)

Click for bigger image Phil the foto, (aka Phil the fridge) on a flyby with his DLG.

Phil's taken most of the photo's on this website (cheers Phil) if Phil's flying, who took the photo? doo-doo-doo-dooo (spooky music time!)

Click for bigger image Lovely aerial shot of Selsley Common.
This is the North slope and we fly from the "tump", which is just visible as the dark area above the nose cone. The slope drops away to the road on the left and you can see the large landing area to the right of the picture.
Photo from Phil Wirght's Miraj

Click for bigger image Ahhh, this is the life! A lovely summer's day on Selsley and Phil's Pegase is circling in a thermal....

Fox. Click for bigger photo1/3 scale Fox. Needs a good old blow to fly well


John's 6m Numbus. Click for bigger photoWhen launching, throw the model downwards, with the wings level. ...Or that's what you're supposed to do anyway :-)

.... Len Launching John's 6 Metre Nimbus 4

Phil's Nyx. Click for bigger photoPhil the photos newly acquired Nyx. So how did he manage to fly the model, take the photo and dodge the paragliders, all at the same time?

p.s - the paragliders are a lot further away than it looks in the photo.

Mike's Pilatus. Click for bigger photoPhil (the photo) said "just" fly closer, then bank it over towards the camera. And on the 15th attempt I actually managed to do it!

Andy's Skylark. Click for bigger photoAndy's 1/3 scale Skylark takes to the air again. Looks fantastic...

Maiden flight ofPaul's K8. Click for bigger photo Maiden flight of Paul's Flair K8. Looks great in the air. ...Nice one Paul!

Click for bigger photo The picture was taken at Selsey on 24/09/2004. During the course of the afternoon the choppy 15mph wind gave way to gentle smooth lift allowing paragliders and a hang glider to take to the air.

Click for bigger photo Michael Pearce on Selsey at sunset

Click for bigger photo Something a little different. Mike bought this Eagle as an unfinished ancient secondhand project. After several unsuccessful attempts to get it flying it finally took to the air. However it did need a V-tail and flat (instead of curled up wingtips) to make it fly properly. Paintjob was done using an airbrush, 3 or 4 shades of brown paint and simple feather shaped masks made out of cardboard. Pigeons take drastic avoiding action as soon as they get a glimpse of it in the air!

Click for bigger photo Alan again, this time with a Flair(?) K8

Click for bigger photo Alan's 1/3 scale Minimoa over Selsley.

Click for bigger photo Andy's new Salto from a Pat Teakle kit. What can you say? really does look superb.
Mind you, the pilot looks like he might need some new seatbelts ...see right.

Click for bigger photo

Click for bigger photoAir to air photo? Is it real or is it a model? Nope, it's the model above with the photo taken as it climbs away from a launch.

Click for larger photoAndy Westgates Crested Wren in the air. Looks superb...

Click for larger photoStar of the Scale/PSS comp was Doug's brand new Whirlwind. Around 6ft wingspan, the fuz is a basic box, clad in blue foam then covered in brown paper. Wings are veneered foam. Looked absolutely superb!

Click for larger photoA closer view of the line up.

Click for larger photo Pete's 110 inch Hercules coming in for an enforced landing due to lack of lift!

Click for larger photoClose up on Andy Westgates Wren. Really nice...
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