SCSA - Rodborough Common Photo's
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Click for bigger image New 07/08/06 Mike the web catching his Alula. (makes a change, I usually miss it)
Brilliant little model from Dream-Flight, it's only got a 4.5 Ounce flying weight and will fly in nothing.

Click for bigger photoScreaming in for a low pass!

Click for bigger photoPhoenix Model Products Tucano, a lovely aerobatic EPP model with no vices. Done in Brazilian airforce colours because the local model shop only had red Profilm!

Click for bigger photoGulp! .. yup, that's what it's's a DS model from the USA, made from EPP and it's really quick. Nice...

Click for bigger photoLimbo competition time. Just as well the photographer's got a good zoom lens!

Click for bigger photo Limbo competition time again.

Click for bigger photo Blackthorn recyling. It's amazing how little ash remained after burning all the blackthorn/scrub

Click for larger photoGlider pilot's revenge - With the full support and supervision of the National Trust we tackled the large area of Blackthorns on the slope. This area of scrub was getting bigger and bigger and caught out many a glider during landing. They will soon be no more...
This helps us, and it also helps the NT maintain Rodborough Common as a grassland.

Photo of balloon A visitor to the club....a hot air balloon decided to "pay us a visit". It came along the very bottom of the valley, just skirting over the trees, then disappeared overhead rising rapidly.

Photo of balloonThe balloon approaching along the valley

Photo of balloonIs Bryan attempting to fly the balloon? Looks like it here...

Photo of balloonOr maybe it's Pete flying the balloon?