Telink MultiFun Glider

Browsing the internet, I came across several references to the Telink MultiFun:

So I thought I'd give it a try. The fuselage and wings are EPP, with rigidity being provided by cutting into the foam and adding carbon rod/tube. Note that the EPP is not covered with cross-weave and/or vinyl tape (not sure what this will mean when I land in a cow-pat!). The additional bits and pieces required are:

  • Rx (e.g. Hitec HFS-05MS)
  • Rx battery (e.g. Overlander GP300 2/3AAA)
  • Switch harness
  • 4 servos (e.g. Hitec HS-55)
  • Servo connectors (e.g. DuBro Mini E/Z)
  • Servo extension leads and wire
  • Additional carbon rod for the fin (recommended by the RCGroups thread)

The two links above contains lots of photos and comments, so I won't repeat them here.

The only flights so far were from Selsey into a 9mph westerly breeze. The first flight was not entirely successful, but fortunately Phil came by and helped with the control throws and trimming. The instructions supplied with the model specify + and - 11mm for the elevators and + and - 33mm for the ailerons. Phil recommended increasing the elevator throw and reducing the aileron throw. I then entertained Phil by failing to keep the model straight into the wind due to my heavy-handed stick movements (the control surfaces on the MultiFun are substantially larger than my other models), but I slowly got the hang of it.

More to follow after further flights ....