Maxi Schandy from HVP Modell

Review by Andy Westgate.

So the big question is....what is Andy W doing with an ARTF model? Thats a toughie..........I went to Puffin Models with Doug Garland so he could buy a battery ........he came back empty handed and I came back with a Maxi Schandy from HVP Modell (and you can find them at I couldn't sqeeze any discount from Mr Puffin so I coughed up 125 for a 2.3 metre almost ready done glider.
Maxischandy photo There's a revue in the May 2004 Quiet & Electric Flight International (not by me) so you'll be able to read all about it. The instructions are minimal to say the least, being designed for the experienced modeller..... which is fine, but little things like control throws are always nice to know. The flaps were shaped at the front like the ailerons, so hardly any downward movement would have been available. To over come this I took the covering off stuck on some more balsa reshaped the front of the flap so they could be bottom hinged and would be able to move down to about 80 degrees. They work a treat, but I'm not too sure about the control horns.... they're like the Flair ones, but you don't screw them together, you just epoxy two studs into the wood (If I flew like a nutter, or if this one was electrified I would most certainly change them) broke since I originally wrote this a few weeks back, so now I have some screw on types.
Maiden Flight Time
Lucky old me..the wind was on Selsley on Sunday morning. Brian Boucher chucked it off and I let it fly for a good few seconds before I had to do anything, it went like a charm. I had 3 flights and 3 safe landings. Its wing loading is about 10oz/sqft, it is also designed to be an electric glider, but I needed a floater type model I'd be able to fly on most of our slopes....... so yeah it's good
.I'll try and keep it in the car so on the way to work in the afternoon, if the winds on, I'll be able to get some quick flights in. This was only meant to be a slight distraction from my 1/3 scale Skylark, but like most things I do it has taken me too long......about a month, so much for ARTF. BUT..But I have also been designing 1/4 and 1/3 scale vintage sliding windows suitable for old Slingsbys, Olympias and other similar gliders .............oh well that's it for now, back to my Skylark.
Maxischandy photo