Photos from our trip to Bristol Gliding club 8th July 2005

A great evening, Thanks to Andy our chairman who arranged this and cooked the food. Several of us took advantage of the discounted aero  tows, Dave Payne went up twice. Mike the web flew his indoor model helicopter, I flew my Park Flier and Steve flew his electric glider. We had a tour of Roger's workshop where repairs were being carried out on gliders and powered aircraft.

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Andy, Doug and Roger Targett

Andy and Roger

Andy in full Summer plumage 

the barbie

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the Pawnee towing up Dave Payne in the Grob

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Dave strapping himself into the Grob 

Cover going down ready to go.

nose wheel up about to lift up

landing approach

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Grob Wing

My take off, westerly heading, 60 knots and 30 feet on the clock, a down wind take off heading for the river Severn, The elderly crop sprayer doing the tow A photo of Kingstanley at 2000 feet, after that I found I was scared of heights and the camera started to shake

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John forcing a smile in the K13 Dave Payne towed by the Pawnee 

a twin seater being repaired by Roger Targget

My profile 3D shock flier
flown on the runway after the aero towing
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John helping to turn the K13 Grob taking off over the K13

The K13 lading

K13 Landing

page by Phil,  photos by Mike the web and phil