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One of the purposes of this news letter is to upset the workers, even on bad days I say the lift was good and colour the sky blue. If you work with computers put this photo as your desk-top image it's one of our members on Friday afternoon launching a Mirij, not much to see when it is flying away from you.

The club website has not been added to in any significant way this year, one of our members complained to me about it, the committee can only load articles to the site when our members submit them. The news letter is now going well and I keep adding to the photos although I do lack artistic flare; perhaps our member could take something better than my fly bye or launch photos, something with a few of our members in it to reflect our activities. A few model reviews would be nice with a shorter version for the news letter


Finding why a model is glitching is not rocket science, rocket science is just a few simple equations like  \Delta v = -v_e \ln \left(\frac{M+P}{P}\right)

Finding the glitching problem is a little harder, try changing the components one at a time, crystals, receiver, transmitter and model. If it is the model it could be one of the servos, try disconnecting them one at a time. ferrite chokes sometimes help with long servo leads. If your model has a large carbon content you can have problems, try a sensitive receiver or extending the aerial may help. Many modern receivers block glitches and hide the problem. I have the club frequency counter if you wish to check your crystals. PCM receivers lock servos in the last position or go to fail-safe, you should get at least a 100ft range with the aerial down (extend one section for metal cased transmitters) before glitching or bad jitter occurs. I have got 150 metres away with park flier receiver and the model still works fine. My Nyx is a big problem as it is all carbon
Go to for further reading

By glitching I mean large movement of the servo with no control input, servos jitter (small movements) as the signal gets weaker


F3K newsletter click here, F3K is the side arm launched models  like HLG

F3J European Championship  19th - 26th August this can be followed at 

Thanks to long-term experience of organizing of the World Cup and serial competitions of the Slovakia Championship in F3J cat., we can guarantee nice weather in august. Temperature about 25C - 35C.

Editor again
 And I bet the beers cheaper

Uncle Sydney's Gossip column 

Events Diary

Model Flying Week at Berrow. Models of jets,
helicopters and World War One planes.
Come along to Brean Leisure Park to experience the Model Flyers Special Week between Saturday 1st to the Saturday 8th September 2007.

More info at 

Once again in th includes:
Pilots Briefing, Pilots welcome (including punch), Bring & Buy Sale, and on Thursday 6th September a three course meal held at the Tavern for just 12.50 per head.

Spot the error
Once again in this annual event you will find both flying on the beach, on grass strips at Brean Leisure park, and slope souring on Brean Down, plus a whole host of things going on all week.


Indoor Flying at Bristol  Grammar School  post code BS8 1SR map
 starts 21st September 8-30 to 10PM

September  8th -9th BMFA Slope Racing League 5

Saturday 60 EPP. Sunday F3F. Whitesheet, Wiltshire. Pre Entry by Wed pm. Contact (60) Paul Wright on 01344 457793 or or (F3F) Andy Ellison on 07968 817656 or or see


14th October  West Mendip Soaring  cross country WMSA  


E-Flite Ascent Electric Flight ARTF Glider (EFL1075)
Compact enough for any small park, E-flite's new electric Ascent ARF is the perfect plane for experienced park or slow flyers who want to break into the glider set. It comes out of the box already 90% prebuilt, and the high-quality, lightweight fiberglass fuselage and bolt-on wing guarantees you'll spend less time building and more time flying. It includes a sturdy Speed 400 motor that provides plenty of power. The innovative folding prop eliminates drag and improves aerodynamics. And the Ascent is covered with bright, easy-to-see Fluorescent Transparent Red UltraCote, which not only gives it a striking sheen, but also ensures you won't lose sight of it in the sky.

Editor, I like it, very easy to fly, it did tight thermal turns, It had enough power to climb, but if I had it I would fit a cheap brushless to increase the motor run time, keep the weight down and get a faster climb.


The 7 x 4 prop is a little large for a 400 motor, the motor needs to rev quite high to work at its best. 6 x 3 or 5 X 5 is often used on the 400 ferrite motor. If the motor or batteries get hot it is a sign it is over propped. It will draw 14 amps with the 7 x 4 prop and take the efficiency down to 40%

photos, Mike with his new model, it flew really well at Selsley

Wing Span: 54 in (1384 mm) Wing Area: 331 sq in (21.4dm)
Overall Length: 32.375 in (822 mm)
Flying Weight: 19.5 oz (552.8 g)
Requires: Radio: 3 channel with 2 sub-micro servos,
Speed Control : 15 - 20 amps
Recommended Battery: 7- or 8-cell 500 - 800 mAh

price 66

further reading click here

The week last week
Monday, moderate lift at Selsley, a little cold, the thermals were strong enough for three paragliders to go cross-country, but most of the time too week for them to ridge soar, giving us the whole slope. A hang glider got up but hit some nasty sink, he made a safe landing in the landing field. Mike test flew his Ascent see above. 
Tuesday, the wind was light enough for park fliers, I flew at Minch in the afternoon

Wednesday at Selsley
Another good day, plenty of lift all day. A bit cold in the morning, someone who could not fly had an elderly Impala that did not want to turn, a very bad combination, still it is only a hobby. 
We had strong lift in the afternoon with some powerful thermals, Bryan's ASK18 went well, Bill's K8 failed to clear the slope even with Ade's mighty throw. Peter's ASW28 was the star in the evening, high performance from a scale glider. Andy pushed his Calypso round very fast coming down from the thermals. The lift went lighter and very smooth in the evening with a nice sunset to finish with. Plenty of photos on the web site.

Ade giving Bill's K8 an heroic launch

 Richard's HLG, the wind was a little strong for it.

Thursday a good breeze in the morning, John flew his Electric Evolution.
Huge lift in the afternoon as the thermals built up, spoilt by some paragliders trying to thread their way through the models

The lift went smoother in the evening but stayed good, I flew my ASW20, a big throw needed to get it clear of the slope in the lighter wind


Friday 30th...
Strong lift in 15 MPH North Westerly at Selsley. Grey skies and chilly. It will soon be scarf and woolly hats again, god forbid not gloves for a month or three! 
Len G flew his Ash but had to pass over to Alan from time to time (to gain him some height) before the lift improved! Gave us a demo of how the Kamikaze guys dive bombed the enemy by using his spoilers on the landing approach exciting for us, also for him! Did much better with flaps on his next circuit! 
Phil eventually arrived, after returning home for his forgotten Transmitter (advancing years impair your memory Phil) with his big  ASW-20. He made me fly it and it is a very responsive machine but very docile and easy to fly. 
Michael dazzled us all with his Flair Heron, not his flying but the colour scheme. Very bright in the dull grey afternoon sky. He flew it pretty well too... 
Im becoming a one plane bore and arrived with the Miraj yet again. It seems to handle all conditions from a puff to a gale and I simply enjoy it more than my other planes. I spent 40 minutes in the excellent air but still need a flight plan to hone my skills, rather than wafting about with the odd roll, reversal and loop. Next trip out will include some square loops and eights and perhaps before winter sets in a rolling circle or two just for Phil.
Saturday at Much Marcle
This was the last show of the year for many people and the last chance to stock up on bits. There were plenty of trade stands and great interest was shown in the craft tent by most of our members. The flying was good with some really big models, it is difficult to judge the scale in the air, but have a look at the ground shots. Alan Ester fooled us for long time with his K13, we thought it was full size till it did a landing approach. Star attraction for me was the Roger
Beale's Hawker Hind, The grey and silver RAF bi-plane with the rear gunner.

I have loaded some photos to I will go through them again later and may add some more. The collection of all photos including bad ones have been loaded to. . Most came out on the dark side but will adjust, many are blurred due the low light, email me if you want one off the album as they do not down load. 

Some of our members at the craft tent

My teacher used to say "it's not big and it's not clever".
Well what do you think?

Sunday Peter's elderly,  Discus

This is a very clever bit of prop hanging by Peter, please don't try this at home

For more photos go t the pages have been added to since last week