SCSA - Haresfield Beacon Photos
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andy-proij-autumn.jpg (133926 bytes)   23/10/09

  Andy's Prodij in the afternoon sun

mick-weasel.jpg (89208 bytes) 06/09/09

Mick's Weasel, a great fun model and small enough to take on holiday

peter-b2.jpg (124375 bytes) peter-b22.jpg (116261 bytes) 30/08/09

Peter's B2 bomber on Sunday morning, a tricky model to fly and very hard to land

07-easy-glider.jpg (45962 bytes) 22/10/07

 A Multiplex  Easy glider on an Autumn morning

Click for bigger image New 03/12/06 Brian standing on the edge of the main slope flying his model.

Note the paraglider flying on the small slope in the distance and the flag for the F3F comp still stuck in the ground.

Click for bigger image New 03/12/06 New Zagi launching technique:
  1. Place Zagi on ground
  2. Kick it!

Click for bigger image Photostitched panoramic view

Click for bigger image Duck or Grouse

Click for bigger image Another flyby.

Click for bigger image Brian B's EPP Aeromacchi M.B.339 from Vortex Plastics ...a nice flyer

Click for bigger imageAndy finding a new way of winning the "touch the balloon" comp by breaking the string then towing the balloon around the sky with him.

Click for bigger imageAnother view of Andy with the balloon.