SCSA - Frocester hill (Coaley peak) Photo's
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len-discus.jpg (95655 bytes) 10/07/2009

Len's Discus

brian-curalis.jpg (100441 bytes) 15/06/2009
Brian's Curalis
andy-ash26.jpg (59018 bytes) 24/10/08
Andy's ASH26 enjoying the strong lift on Friday afternoon
mike-easyglider.jpg (49674 bytes) 24/10/08
Mike's Easyglider, a great model to learn slope sparing
paul-middle-phase.jpg (62622 bytes) New 22.10.08
Paul's middle phase flying on a perfect autumn day

Click for larger photo  29/06/08 PSS Spitfire on a flyby

Also available as a 1280 x 1024 sized image for your desktop

Click for larger photo  29/06/08 Mike's RBC Kits PSS Spitfire posing for the camera.

Also available as a 1280 x 1024 sized image for your desktop


Click for larger photo Sunset shining through a K8. Looks fantastic.


Click for larger photo A lovely atmospheric photo of Richard launching his model off the slope.

Doesn't it make you wish you were there?

Click for larger photo Phil flying his Nyx past the end of the hill.

Note the river Severn and the Forest of Dean in the background

Click for larger photo Bob's scale model being launched on a nice sunny winters day

Click for larger photo Pete's Banarama on a slow cruise past. You can tell it's going slow, because its flutters it's wings like a butterfly if it goes over 5 mph!.

Click for larger photo Mike's PSS Herc over the river Severn

sept07-doug-whirlwind.jpg (54003 bytes)

Doug's Whirlwind

aug07-asw27-bryan.jpg (49085 bytes)

Bryan's ASW27 on Sunday morning

aug07-frocester-dlagon.jpg (94954 bytes)

Ade's Dragon against the trees, this is a fine all round model 

july07-frocester-ash26.jpg (81408 bytes) july07-frocester-ash262.jpg (69728 bytes)

Peter's Ash26 at Frocester


july07-frocester-banarama.jpg (36575 bytes)

Peter with his Banarama, light weight, old and very slow. I don't know anything about the model

feb07-frocester-eli2.jpg (56073 bytes)

An Eli-2 HLG flying on a perfect spring day, the fields spread out like a patch work quilt and the river Severn in the background

feb07-frocester-pegas.jpg (65959 bytes)

 Phil's Pegase 1/4 scale

Click for larger photo Pete on a fly-by with his Eliminator.

Click for larger photo Now that's what you call flying...

Click for larger photo Mike's Alula on a flyby.

Click for larger photo Pete's Filip 600 on a slow fly-by.

"Adequately" powered by a big brushless motor and Li-pos. Or translated, it'll climb like a vertically like a rocket!

Click for larger photo Mike's CMD Diamond takes to the air for its 1st flight. Not bad for a £20 auction special :-)

Click for bigger photoNow that's what you call a Zagi!

...When making a home brew Zagi make sure you know the difference between metric and imperial.
Selwyn with Mark's Zagi

Click for bigger photoLanding.... Bryan bringing his 1/4 scale ASW27 in for a landing at Frocester.

...either that or he's in trouble!

Click for bigger photoRUN! the large rain clouds rapidly approaching. Time to land and find some shelter I think.

Two quarter scale models on a flypast. Click for bigger photoSummer, sunshine and nice 1/4 scale models. What could be better...

Click for larger photo Dusk over Frocester. 3 lovely photos...

Click for larger photo Dusk over Frocester.

Click for larger image Champion chucker Bryan at it again. This time it's Andy's ASW27 that gets into the air with a little help from Bryan. Looke just like a real one as Andy circled above us.

Click for larger photoA nice windy day. Doug was "persuaded" to go home and get his new Whirlwind for it's maiden flight. Looked fantastic in the air and flew really well despite a fairly high wing loading. Well done Doug!

Clouds over FrocesterStrange clouds over Frocester...

Click for larger pictureA really nice view of the slope. The flying is done at the far end of the hill, by the small monument/viewpoint.

Click for bigger imagePSS "Red Arrows" Hawk on a fast pass

Click for bigger imageAnother flypast by the Hawk

Click for bigger imagePete's PSS jet (Jaguar?) having it's picture taken by Phil.

Click for bigger image Close up picture time.

Click for bigger image A somewhat broken model....

Click for bigger image A rare site on these shores (or hills) ....Oz an old SCSA club member now residing in Australia.

Click for bigger imageMark's Flair K8 disappearing into the sunset

Click for larger imageBryan giving Andy's Crested Wren a "bit of a chuck" on Frocester

View of FrocesterA nice view of Frocester hill showing "the pits" on the right and the edge of the slope

aerial viewA nice aerial view from Dave's Graffiti, looking back towards the slope. The "glider guiders" are in the top right area, car park on the extreme left and the normal landing area is just above the wingtip