SCSA - Cam Long Down Photo's
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07-march-peter-ash.jpg (65965 bytes) 21/03/2007
Peter's Ash26 easy to fly in the smooth lift, skill needed to land

Click for bigger photoNew 17/02/06 Amazing coincidence! ...Bryan managed to crash into a branch at exactly the same time as Phil was taking a photo!
...Seriously though, a fine bit of photography by Phil the Photo :-)

Incidentally, you can just see the Frocester Hill flying site in the distance (top middle of the photo)

andyweasel.jpg Andy and his Weasel.

bryangraf.jpg Bryan's Graffitti.

bryangraf.jpg Mike's Merlin.

dave.jpg (7699 bytes)Hmm.... I wonder if this is going to work?  All these photos were taken by Dave (pictured here) from his Graffiti. Thanks for the photo's Dave.

cld-ground.jpg (7625 bytes)Except for this one....This is how Cam Long Down looks from a pilot's view. Dave's seen here doing a flyby with the Graffiti. Cam Long Down is a nice site, spoilt only by the fact you have to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up. Hence it doesn't get used much!

cld3.jpg (8018 bytes)High up, looking back down at the pilot's.

cld4.jpg (7382 bytes)High up again, looking out to the SW. The river Severn is in the distance on the right and the town of Dursley is just visible in the centre of the picture. Can you see the other 2 models in the air? (look close to either edge of the wing) Cam peak is just off the end of the wingtip.

cld2.jpg (8141 bytes)A view of the ridge. Cam Long Down is a long, narrow ridge with not much in the way of landing area. The river Severn is visible in the distance again.

cld1.jpg (7947 bytes)Looking along the ridge again.

upside-down.jpg (8499 bytes)Nope, there's definitely something wrong about this photo.....the ground's the right way up, but the wing's on top of the photo this time.
Ah-ha, got it....the plane's upside down! Not only is Dave mad enough to strap a camera to his model, he's flying it upside down as well. Then again, anyone who knows Dave will know that this is pretty normal flying for him......The Graffiti & a limbo comp spring to mind......

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